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When you welcome your friends and family to your Northridge home at Cobble Beach, you can be truly proud of the craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the layout of the the profile and scale of the cornice, casing and the deep finish on the cabinets...every detail has sprung from your dreams and visions of the perfect home for your family. You haven’t merely chosen paint colors and cabinets; your home is truly custom from the ground up.

Our architect will sit down with you to learn how you live and what you’re looking for in layout, style and feel. Sketch out your ideas, and bring inspiration from magazines or the Internet – from floor plans to finished rooms. We’ll examine the natural topography of your home’s site and make certain your house is oriented, designed and landscaped so you enjoy the most spectacular views.

As we develop the plans and prepare your renderings, we’ll meet often to refine and polish your vision – selecting exterior materials, interior details and materials, finishes and ceiling treatments. Your kitchen demands its own design team, and we’ll work with you to customize the cabinetry to suit your tastes, how you use your kitchen, and the built-in appliances you’ve chosen.

We’ll walk through the finished framing with you to see your vision taking shape and identify any changes we may want to make. And we’ll stay in touch after you move in, making sure you’re happy with every aspect of your new home.